I chose this name because I feel it best depicts the nature & characteristic of my music. The name to me symbolizes the unknown, dark but vibrant & mysterious so that would best translate my musical vibe.
I am a Massachusetts rapper, producer, audio engineer and DJ. The majority of my work has been hip hop but also being a fan of electronic, indie, Dance/EDM you will hear the various influence in my unique production.
Since a kid I've have been completely magnetized to music. I have a genuine love for art where someone can uniquely express themselves through. Being an artist runs in my family, one cousin is a amazing painter & one is a well known song writer, vocalist & music teacher so it was inevitable for me to inherit some sort of art from being so close with them growing up.
Fast forward 20 years, let the music speak for itself.
Thank you for the support, I truly appreciate it!
The "All-Nighter series" have featured talented artists such as :
Tragedy Khadafi, Spit Gemz, Apathy, Rustee Juxx, Ren Thomas, Nine, M-DOT, Hibernation, Gravity, Jon Regul, Lou Showers, Denku, Matt Maddox, J.O.TheLastMan, Aztech, Lingo, AYOK, & Rome.
(2018) The All-Nighter Vol. 4 (Coming Soon)
(2015) The All-Nighter Vol. 3 Buy Now!
(2014) Showers & Abyss- Mosaic Free Download!
(2014) Abyss- Alter-Ego (solo album) Free Download!
(2013) Abyss & Regul- Dark Elixir Free Download!
(2012) Abyss & Jegie- Sounds From The Basement Vol. 1 Free Download!
(2008) The All-Nighter Vol. 2 Free Download!
(2006) The All Nighter Vol. 1 Free Download!
Additional Mentions
Anno Domini Productions Contest Results
(2017) 7th Place "Fade Away'  Listen Here!
(2016) 7th Place “Against The Ropes" Listen Here!
(2015) 4th Place “Sick Sense" Listen Here!
(2014) 4th Place “Came To Reign” (Feat. Jon Regul)  Listen Here!
(2013) 1st Place “Only Way To Be"  Listen Here!